The key elements of our process hail from the cornerstones of Direct Response Marketing and apply to all channels and devices.

01. Opportunity Assessment

During the initial audit, we’ll quickly review all your current marketing initiatives and identify the areas with the biggest potential for improvement. For example, if paid search campaigns are active (like Google Ads), factors including account structure and keyword match types will be examined. It’s very common to find clients that are either using “broad” match too liberally and wasting money or “exact” match to narrowly and missing sales.

02. Audience Targeting

Through our own experience and strategic partnerships, we can pinpoint your target audience across a variety of online and offline media. In fact, continuing the dialogue with prospects by managing a website’s exit traffic and retargeting visitors by content or products of interest are great ways to generate incremental revenue at an efficient cost-per-acquisition.

03. Driving Response

What sets your business apart from the pack? The visibility and reach achieved through proper targeting are diminished if the message fails to break through the clutter. We’ll conduct extensive testing to help identify the most effective offer or promotion that maximizes ad response. We’ve run thousands of tests over the years and found that simple copy adjustments can have a significant impact on click-though-rate.


How are you testing all these elements to drive home the sale after getting visitors to your website and landing pages? With the help of industry-leading tools, the Drive Results team can design and manage intelligent testing programs that yield statistically significant improvements in conversion over time..

05. Measuring Results

It’s easy to say we measure everything for clients. A typical of day tracking and reporting may be more convincing — it includes setting custom conversion goals and sales funnels as well as numerous reports for each account. Below are just a few:

  • Prior day’s Performance Report for each marketing channel
  • Intra-day Pacing Reports for high volume accounts
  • Cost-Per-Acquisition Reports by marketing channel
  • Call Volume Reports by duration for lead generation accounts
06. Optimizing Performance

Data from all the marketing initiatives is analyzed and fed back into the loop to enhance the performance of each step. This could result in adding negative keywords to a paid search campaign to become more efficient, increasing e-mail delivery to a subject line that yields better response or reducing the length of a lead form to increase conversion rate.

If your business isn’t systematically making adjustments that add incremental sales, contact us today for a FREE consultation.

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